This year, IMS will celebrate some significant Anniversary dates for our staff.



Celebrating 10 years with IMS


Joyce S (Thru Hole/Final Supervisor), Linda V (Final Assembly)



Celebrating 5 years with IMS


Kim P (Mechanical), Justine A (SMT), Rosario C (Stockroom),

Tony S (Process Support Mgr), Adele K (Mechanical/Cable)


It is an exciting time as we celebrate with these Staff members and their dedication and commitment to the success of IMS.  IMS Ownership Group would like to extend their sincerest thanks to all of those outstanding folks for their continued contribution each and every day, as well as to the rest of the IMS Staff.  It is because of your dedication to excellence, that we continue to experience positive growth and success in the Electronics Industry in our home town of Calgary, across Canada, the United States, and across the sea!







IMS continues to expand its Production Floor and Technology.  In 2017, IMS updated their Juki Pick and Place machines with new machines to lines 1 and 2.  We expanded our 3rd SMT line in Production and outfitted it with 2 new Juki machines, SPI, Juki Printer and Oven.  We continue to use only Juki Automation. This will increase our thruput and capacity capabilities as we run 2 full shifts each day, with 7 full time operators.


In addition to SMT equipment, IMS added another "Fortress" to our main level inventory system to house another 2000 parts and work inline with our inventory system, for automatic picking and putting away of parts using a scanning system as well as bar coded all inventory for accurate tracking.


As we move to more automated methods in our inventory management, this will certainly add to the accuracy and efficiency of managing inventory at IMS.







IMS will be holidng a grand re-opening of its newly expanded facility to incorporate our Sheet Metal Shop, located in Calgary's Southeast Industrial Park.  Please watch for details for this event in early September as we unveil more services IMS has to offer its customer base and potential clients.


If you would like to come for a personal tour, please contact and he will set up a time for a tour and meet and greet.





IMS Reception













In March 2018, IMS had it's annual ISO audit completed again.  Our management system is currently ISO 9001:2015 certified.  IMS is dedicated to continuously improving our processes and systems to ensure that we are always in compliance with the ISO standards we have set for our company. IMS is committed to continuous training of our staff in the latest technologies and information so they are equipped to handle any challenge given to us by our customers.  A big thank you to the auditor for his time over the three day period as well as the compliments to our staff and the commitment he experienced while talking with so many of the staff at IMS. It was a very positive experience for all involved.


Thank you once again to Mike Prior (Senior Quality Manager), and all the Staff and Management for ensuring that our quality manuals and processes are followed and improved upon, for working so diligently to make this happen, for the extra time and effort that is spent daily to continuously follow and complete requirements for ISO. IMS is committed to its customers and the quality of work being done on a daily basis throughout the facility. We will continue to improve the processess in place to ensure that IMS always meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers.






In an effort to give back to the community, IMS Ownership Group and the IMS Social Club plan different fund raising events and food/clothing/toy drives throughout the year.

This past Christmas IMS collected items for the Calgary Women's Shelter! The Women's Shelter is there to provide assistance to women and children fleeing dangerous family situations and set up new  homes to establish themselves in.  The staff at IMS new items and money to help those in our city and communities in need.  Thank you to everyone who contributed their gently used or new items to help these families move onto success!


We continuously collect food donations for the Calgary Food Bank and the Veteran's Food Bank and take these donations as our bins fill up by generous donations of the staff at IMS.    If you are planning a stop at IMS, please consider bringing in a food donation to add to our collection bin to help those in need.


Thank you to all the staff at IMS who give so generously of their resources, to help those in need.