IMS Procurement




IMS offers full procurement for all your build needs.  IMS has an extensive parts room and Parts Carousel for storing and organizing parts for our customers.  All parts are stored in  ESD Boxes whether in the parts room, the carousel or in kits on the floor.


Carousel for Part Storage





Juki Fortress 2000 for Automated Part Storage and Selection










All consigned kits are verified upon arrival and customer is informed immediately of any discrepencies before any production takes place. Upon completion of job, kits are packed and returned with final product.  Receiving will all count the returned parts for the customer upon request.






Our Shipping department takes great care in packaging the customers product and parts for shipment.  Specific customer requirements for packaging are recorded in our Manufacturing Instructions otherwise, standard packing procedures will occur.


Product is packed in ESD bags, sealed individually and then carefully packed in IMS boxes with proper ESD packing material before shipping product out to the customer.