IMS Training Facilities

IMS offers a mulitifude of training to their employees.  The training varies in all kinds of areas including;

Soldering techniques - beginners to advanced classes offered
IPC - Class I - III training in the most current standards for IPC
QMS - Quality Management Sysytem understanding
ESD - precautions and regulations for handling electronics
Safety and Fire Regulations
Handling of chemicals and WHMIS certification - for all staff
IMS Part Logic and Intuitive ERP training
HR Seminars on Effective Leadership skills, Communication skills, Production Management
HR Seminars on work place standards such as Bullying and Harassing, Code of Conduct
Shop Floor - Detailed and thorough training for all areas of production prior to starting work
Programming - Detailed and thorough training for all machine programming

It is our belief that the more time you invest in your staff, the more capable, skilled and confident they become.  Every employee goes through a series of training courses upon hiring and then is evaluated throughout their time with IMS to offer additional training that is beneficial to the employee.  Employees may also request training in specific areas of interest to them, which enhances our cross-training philosophy.

Our goal at IMS is to encourage, support and train people to become the most skilled professionals in the industry.  Much time and money is invested to make this happen on a continual basis so we can guarantee SOLID SERVICE, SOLID QUALITY and SOLID PRODUCT!